the 7puzzle morning tour

I’ve been delivering my innovative mathematical workshops in schools all over the UK for 17 years by utilising an excellent range of maths-related board games & puzzles.

My mathematical activities can have a huge impact on maths results at your school – and it is possible for your school to continue this activity after my visit.

One of our latest programmes, the 7puzzle morning tour, takes advantage of two of the best mathematical board games around, mathematically possible and the 7puzzle game.


Both of these are my own creations and have received incredible feedback from teachers and students alike. They have had a dramatic effect on the number skills and confidence of those children who have used them.

If you are considering the 7puzzle morning tour for your school, the following points may answer some of your queries:

  • as stated in the title, it’s a morning-only visit to your school to work with Y5 and/or Y6,
  • an hour (or more) is spent with each class working in their own classroom,
  • a typical visit involves me working with two or three different classes during the morning,
  • it is a terrific CPD opportunity for teachers to observe how to implement our PuzzleFriday programme as well as seeing their children work in a different learning environment,
  • the fee is just £295 plus travel,
  • the games are available to purchase following my visit.

Feedback from recent school visits can be found by clicking Workshop Feedback.


Both teaching staff and children will benefit greatly from working with the UK’s leading expert in the design and application of maths games & puzzles and their effective use in improving maths results in schools, as well as enhancing many social skills.

My workshops are suitable for all ability levels, so if you wish to give your children a memorable and positive maths experience, book the 7puzzle morning tour by leaving a comment below or e-mailing

I look forward to hearing from you.


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