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Five challenges are posted each day, seven days a week, and designed for our many followers from nearly 170 countries & territories throughout the world.

As well as our ever-expanding website of arithmetical challenges, this is also the place to learn about our successful venture into maths tuition.

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Our aim

Simply to help improve basic knowledge and confidence of arithmetic in a fun way. Start your numerical adventure by trying to solve today’s five number puzzles.

How to use our website

As well as our latest challenges, simply access the remainder of our number puzzles by continually scrolling down the page.

Alternatively, to retrieve and attempt any particular day’s challenges from the past 12 months, just type in the address bar:

  • for DAY 1, through to . . .
  • for DAY 366

The Challenges

We have a vast collection of number puzzles, the majority of which are our very own creations and are in seven categories:

The Main Challenge – involving different types of number puzzle gathered from all parts of the globe and will vary in content and difficulty from one day to the next.

The 7puzzle Challenge – linked to our signature puzzle board game, this is generally the easiest of the five daily number puzzles. Great for younger or less-confident students and will also improve their knowledge of mathematical terminology.

The Roll3Dice Challenge (DAYS 1 to 10) – puzzlers will be given seven groups of three numbers which replicate the rolling of three dice. The numbers in six of these groups will be able to arrive at the target number, but your task is to find the impossible group!

The Lagrange Challenge (DAYS 11 to 250) – named after the French-Italian mathematician who proved that every positive whole number can be made from adding together up to four square numbers. A medium-difficulty challenge where puzzlers must arrive at that particular day’s target number using his theorem.

The Factors Challenge (DAYS 251 to 366) – again related to that particular day’s number, puzzlers have to find which of the numbers listed, if any, are factors of the number in question (it will divide exactly into it). Good practice for ‘bus-stop’ division, and great to test some of the mathematical tricks available to find whether our number is a multiple of 2, 3, 4, 5 . . . and so on.

The Mathematically Possible Challenge – based on our best-selling arithmetic board game and designed to encourage creative number work. Challenges are also at the medium level of difficulty, but may require perseverance to find the possible answers!

The Target Challenge – hardest of the challenges, puzzlers must insert the given numbers into the correct gaps to arrive at the day’s target number. Can sometimes be tricky but will satisfy greatly when solved. A knowledge of BIDMAS, indices and estimation is desirable, but it will also help to think logically.


We always encourage our number puzzles to be printed out for both fun and educational purposes in schools, home or work, but no part of this website may be republished or transmitted without prior permission and accreditation.

Puzzles & answers: Copyright © Paul Godding.

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