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Hi, my name is Paul Godding.

I am a full-time private maths tutor based in South Wales and author of the popular daily number puzzle website,; accessed by students, teachers, parents and puzzle enthusiasts from all over the world.

This page contains all the information you need if you are considering maths tuition for you or your child, so please get in touch by e-mailing



Are you or your child struggling with maths?

I am an experienced, professional and compassionate maths specialist who gets a real buzz from making maths understandable for students. I aim to create an environment where they feel safe to try without fear, to make mistakes and to truly learn.

For many years, I have delivered high-quality, home-based, one-to-one maths tuition to students who live in the coastal areas of the beautiful border county of Monmouthshire.

As you will read below, I am now also taking on daytime students from a variety of locations worldwide due to the growth of online tuition, but the vast majority of my tutees follow the WJEC Mathematics & Numeracy syllabuses here in Wales.

There are some local parents who prefer their children to travel the short distance across the border to study in England and sit the new AQA Grade 9-1 examinations, therefore I keep abreast of new developments in both education systems either side of Offa’s Dyke.

I have also recently been approved as a GCSE Maths Examiner for the WJEC, so hope to gain an insight into the examination marking system over the coming weeks and months that will undoubtedly help with my tutoring in the long-term.


Online tuition

In a brand-new venture for 2017, I also offer online tuition via Zoom (very similar to Skype) for students who may prefer this ever-growing medium of learning. Prior to each session, students receive full details of how to access this programme so the online lesson can begin at a pre-arranged day and time.

Although I currently tutor students online from Hong Kong and China, I am also particularly interested in working with home-educated children in the UK plus students based in other parts of Asia, Australia and New Zealand due to the time difference coinciding with my morning availability.

The initial 20-minute online consultation is free of charge.


My teaching experience

Having taught maths to all ages and abilities for over 30 years (from KS1 children to adults returning to college), I now specialise in tutoring students up to GCSE-standard, although a few of my students study degrees which contains a maths or statistics module.

I obtained a Certificate of Education from Cardiff University and also achieved a Masters degree in Education Management in the 1990’s where my dissertation focused on the level of basic skills training employees receive within companies in South East Wales. 20 years on, and unfortunately the skills shortage problem seems even more worrying!

On a consultancy basis, I visit schools throughout the UK to deliver my classroom-based maths workshops, therefore my DBS documentation is up-to-date and available to view.


Why extra tuition?

Everyone can be good at maths, but some just need that gentle confidence boost or support to master arithmetical techniques. If important foundations are missed, this can lead to problems with more advanced work at a later date.

I am a firm believer that students should know the basics of arithmetic by answering addition and multiplication questions as quickly as their own name!

Learning the basics is vital, but unfortunately missing from many students’ knowledge base. Much of my time is therefore spent in tutorials revisiting topics such as multiplication, division and fractions, but I always ensure we cover recent school work so students can get to grips with their current area of study.


Practising the basic skills

Please feel free to get in touch should you or your child need any help or support with the fundamentals, even for topics you may think are too basic. This can often make all the difference and why I always encourage students to sharpen their number skills by regularly attempting my daily number puzzles here at

Many school teachers throughout the world already use my popular challenges as maths starters in class to sharpen skills.


Parental support

If you are concerned about your child’s mental maths ability, click this link. The American website can be helpful in identifying the level of a student’s basic arithmetic skills by using:

  • 4-minute Math Quiz‘ on Page 4,
  • Simplifying Fractions‘ on Page 11.

If, after seeing the results, you are still worried that your child’s maths skills are not at a level you’d expect, please don’t hesitate to get in touch for advice.

Parental involvement is key as positive input from family can be invaluable. When giving homework, as I do on a regular basis, it is expected to be completed by the next session and recommend parents help with (but not do) homework when it is set for younger students.

I always make time at the end of each session for short, informal feedback so parents are kept informed of progress.


Booking tuition

Some parents ‘panic-book’ my services with exams on the horizon. I strongly advise arranging tuition for your child long before so I can plan my own revision timetable; combining a coverage of basic arithmetical skills, current areas of study and, of course, past paper examination practice.

At the moment, I am recommending to potential new clients that students sitting GCSE exams in November 2017 or May/June 2018 should start their tuition sessions with me in July – in readiness for their busy year ahead!

The frequency of sessions depends on each student’s needs and goals, but most schedule for one hourly session per week. If a student is motivated and needs the help, tremendous progress can be made with two 1-hour sessions per week.


Various levels of tuition covered

Here is an example of the different types of tutoring I’ve undertaken in recent years:

  • GCSE Summer/November sittings in Wales & England,
  • International GCSE for those at Independent schools,
  • Brand-new GCSE Mathematics-Numeracy in Wales,
  • Innovative arithmetic & mental techniques,
  • Confidence-building for primary school children,
  • Home-educated children and study groups,
  • QTS Professional Skills Test in Numeracy,
  • Entrance tests into British & American colleges,
  • Non-mathematicians studying Degree courses,
  • Maths & Numeracy support for Adult Learners,
  • Online tuition worldwide.

With the way the new syllabuses are being examined, students require far better number and problem-solving skills to handle the more tricky type of questioning.

A considerable amount of time is spent in my tutorials discussing exam and revision techniques. A major reason why some fail to achieve their deserved result can be down to being slightly disorganised. Perseverance, resilience and concentration are other important aspects of learning I try and instil into my students during tuition sessions.


University students

During 2017, I am continuing to tutor university students who follow non-mathematical degrees, but need assistance with a mathematics or statistics aspect of their course.

My current undergraduate students attend universities in Cardiff, Swansea and London, and study for degrees in Optometry, Motorsport Engineering and Geology respectively.

These older tutees usually arrange to visit for a lesson or two prior to a test, or during a break in term, but I’m looking to expand this service so university students can gather more regularly in small groups during term-time to receive support informally in coffee shops or other similar environments, such as a local library.

I do enforce a strict rule when tutoring such groups by working with a maximum of three students at a time. My fee for the hourly session then depends on whether I’m tutoring an individual, a pair of students or a group of three.


Adult learners 

As well as school children of all ages, I have worked with young adults who need to pass the Numeracy aspect of the Professional Skills Test in order to gain Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) status. Since 2013, universities in England will not accept students onto initial teacher training courses unless they have successfully manoeuvred both Literacy and Numeracy tests.

There are also many adults who need to improve their numeracy skills at the workplace. With more and more employers requiring transferable skills for multi-tasking activities, it is essential they have good numeracy and mathematical skills.



I can put you in touch with parents of students, and some young adults, I’ve recently tutored should you wish to receive feedback regarding the quality of my work.


Late Policy

Giving the student the opportunity to learn in a tutoring session is very important to me. Students should arrive on time to each tutoring session to allow as much time as possible for them to get the help they need. In the event of a student running late, and due to a busy timetable, the lost time will not be made up.


Tuition Rate

  • One-to-one 60-minute session: £32 (from July 2017)

My rate reflects my experience and the quality of service you will receive. Yes, there may be cheaper tutors out there, but keep in mind the results tend to be directly correlated to how much you invest in your child’s educational experience.


Contact me

To book some high quality tuition, get in touch by e-mailing

If you prefer an informal chat on the telephone for a query or just some advice, please ring me on +44 (0)7970 868121 or visit on Twitter @7puzzle anytime.



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