Mathematically Possible online

You now have access to an excellent piece of software that covers the arithmetic part of our Mathematically Possible board game.

This is a perfect programme for anyone wishing to practice their mental maths prior to playing the board game or to simply give the brain a numerical work-out.




The online programme

Our Mathematically Possible online programme generates three random numbers from 1-10.  Your task is to find which whole numbers are mathematically possible to make in the range 1-30.

Alternatively, you can decide to type in your own numbers from 1-6, and so replicate the rolling of three dice, as happens in the board game.

Here’s a typical example.  Can you find the SIX possible answers when using the three numbers 6, 6 and 6 once each, with + – × and ÷ available?  Solutions are provided below.

You can click this to access the programme, but I would strongly advise to read on first to get the best out of the programme.


How to use the online programme

You can either:

  • Click New Question and work with the three random numbers generated, or
  • Change Use Your Own Numbers to Yes, type in three numbers of your choice from 1-10 and then click New Question.

As always, you will have + – × ÷ available to use when manipulating the three numbers.

Then, there are three effective ways Mathematically Possible online can be used:

  • Using the three numbers, a teacher could simply ask the class to find which target numbers from 1-30 they think are mathematically possible to make, or
  • By clicking the Hint button, users are told how many target numbers are possible; get the class to try and find them all, or
  • When the Show Ways button is clicked, all the possible answers from 1-30 are listed; ask your students to show how these target answers can be made.


Practice for the board game

MathPoss-SignRemember, this only covers the initial calculation part of the Mathematically Possible board game; you will only come across the exciting strategic and decision-making aspect of the game when playing the actual board game itself.

By the way, the SIX numbers from 1-30 that are possible to make using 6, 6 and 6 are:

2       5       6       7       18       30


Ready to play online?

If you are ready, click this to play Mathematically Possible online.



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