As well as the many hundreds of number challenges posted here at 7puzzleblog.com, some of the educational activities the 7puzzle company is currently involved in are:

  • supporting students with one-to-one maths tuition,
  • delivering school-based maths/puzzle workshops,
  • designing board games, card games, puzzles & books for use in our workshops and to sell to schools and the general public,
  • encouraging parents to get involved with their children’s mathematical education through our Roll3Dice initiative,
  • . . . and much more!

One of the main objectives of the 7puzzle company is to spread the message about the positive impact games & puzzles can have in the classroom, and thus help to improve the mathematical skills of children everywhere.

Full details of all the above can be found by clicking About Us.

Please feel free to tweet us at @7puzzle or send an e-mail to paul@7puzzle.com.


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