whotpackageA brilliant card game which takes me back to my own childhood and possibly one of the reasons why I do what I do today!

Whot! is a British invention from the 1930’s and a typical card game with the aim of trying to get rid of your cards to win.  It is a matching game of numbers and shapes/symbols/suits, of which there are five in the pack – Square, Circle, Triangle, Cross and Star – together with the famous Whot! card, of which there are now four in the pack.

For those familiar with the popular Uno card game, which was devised in the USA in the early-1970’s, Whot! is very similar but much easier to play for little ones, and just as much fun. The latest version is described as ‘the original British favourite‘ and many reviewers agree that it’s a great game to secretly get the kids comfortable with number work and preparation for those who wish to progress to Uno at a later date.  I would certainly say Whot! is playable, with adult help, by children aged 4 years and above.

whotnigeriaAnother fascinating fact is that Whot! has become the national card game of Nigeria.  If you are interested in reading further details of this brilliant game, click this to give you information such as the basic rules, its history, variations of play and images of past versions of the cards, as well as the Nigerian version and their own rules! This linked page also contains a PDF of the very first set of rules from 1935.

Whot! has just taken its place in our PuzzleFriday Pack A as it is perfect for younger ones to become familiar with the educational and social aspects of playing a card game, and there is no better game around to begin that adventure!

whotoldThe game is a lot more colourful these days, but the recollection of my early childhood back in the 1970’s are of the playing cards looking exactly like this picture.

Whichever version you prefer, it is still the same game that has given pleasure to millions of players over the past 80 years or so.

To order a copy of Whot! for just £9 plus P&P, e-mail us at paul@7puzzle.com today.

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