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Welcome to the page dedicated to information regarding three excellent strategy board games with some arithmetic mixed in; all covered under the possible series umbrella.

We started developing board games all the way back in 2009 with the original Mathematically Possible.  The junior version was devised in 2011 and then joined in 2015 by the advanced version.

All of these games within the possible series covers perfectly the current mathematical ‘buzzword’ areas of fluency, problem-solving, and reasoning.

The ages we recommend these two versions within the series are used are as follows:

  • The Junior Possible Game: 5 years and above,
  • Mathematically Possible: 8 years and above,
  • Even More Possible: 10 years and above.

As Mathematically Possible has grown so much and has customers outside the world of education, it has earned its own dedicated website. You can find full details by clicking the link at the start of this paragraph.  The other two are described right here.

We will begin with the more difficult version:


Even More Possible

mathposs-evenOur Even More Possible game involves players rolling four dice and manipulating the four numbers rolled.

The four dice enclosed with the game contain the numbers 1-6, 1-8, 0-9 and 1-10, allowing for advanced calculations. All four numbers must be used during each turn and the four operations + – × ÷ are available.

As the title suggests, the playing board of Even More Possible contains only even numbers, 30 in all, which range from 2 to 60.

During each turn, a player decides which number to put their counter on.  The game ends when each player has had six turns, their six scores are then added together.  The bonus point system is in operation where players are rewarded for consecutive counters.  These are also added at the end of the game which adds an exciting strategic element to the play.

You can order a single copy of Even More Possible for £22 by sending an e-mail to or making a comment below.


The Junior Possible Game

Similar to above, but the maths is a lot less complicated.  Only two dice are used, thus making it playable for younger or less-able children. The revamped playing board for 2016 contains the numbers 0-12; with 0 and 12 appearing just once each and 1 to 11 twice each.

juniorposs1Each player has six turns. Each turn will see the player rolling the two dice, then adding and subtracting the two numbers. So, if 3 and 5 is rolled, the player can decide to place their coloured counter on either the 8 (5+3) or the 2 (5-3).  The same principle applies as above where the six scores are added, together with the bonus points obtained, to find the player with the highest total score.

For very young players, the rules may be watered-down so that the winner is the first player to achieve either 3-in-a-row or perhaps 4-in-a-row!

This is great for younger players as they will be able to reinforce their basic number skills, but The Junior Possible Game will teach them more about decision-making, strategy and team play, especially if playing in pairs with an adult or an older child overlooking and keeping score, as is highly recommended.

You can order copies of The Junior Possible Game for £20 each by sending an e-mail to or making a comment at the bottom of this page.


the possible bags

I hope you enjoy both versions within the possible series of games, which form an integral part of the successful PuzzleFriday project.

possbag-4The games also come packaged in a white see-through bag that keeps the games clean and enables teachers to see which of the three version of the series of games is inside.

We feel these games are far better contained in a bag than a box as these can break far too easily. Especially in classrooms, bags can be kept in cupboards or even hung up on a wall ready to be accessed easily in readiness for the next PuzzleFriday session.

If you wish to purchase multiple copies of any of these three games, they will arrive packaged in their own bag, up to a maximum of six copies of the game in each bag.

To place an order, simply get in touch by sending an e-mail to


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