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Over these last few years, many of the daily number puzzles at have been based on the challenges from our popular MATHELONA app.

Many other simpler challenges posted at my popular daily blog are also based on this concept. MATHELONA is as popular as ever and is still available from the AppStore, but can only be downloaded for use on iPhones and iPads.

Since the end of 2015, there has been an alternative version of MATHELONA available in the form of a series of e-books which can be viewed on all smartphones and tablets and suitable as an introduction for 7 year-olds and above.  Click MATHELONA e-book for details of our brand-new series of e-books.

Please continue reading below for full details of our MATHELONA app:



To give the app its full title at the AppStore, The Mathelona Games combines basic arithmetic with a Sudoku-type activity, where digits in the range 0-9 can only be inserted a maximum of TWICE in each challenge to complete the task.

Mathematics educators will love the fact that the four operations,  × and ÷, appear in EVERY challenge.  As there are also time constraints, it is therefore perfect for players aged 9 years and above to improve their numeracy skills, from anywhere in the world.

Other skills such as strategic thinking, problem-solving and working under pressure are also essential to master for those players who wish to progress through the challenges and events.



How is MATHELONA organised?

The game consists of six events, from 100m to the Marathon. At each event in this Olympic-themed number puzzle, players aim to win Bronze, Silver and Gold medals.

There is no time limit for the easier Bronze challenges, but you have to play against the clock to win the Silver and Gold medals. For instance, players have on average 2 minutes 30 seconds per challenge for each Silver challenge.

Each of the six events concludes with a Gold medal challenge which can only be accessed when Bronze and Silver medals have been won. Players have only 10 minutes to finish each Gold medal challenge in order to successfully complete that particular event.




This is how MATHELONA‘s 146 challenges are set up to win the 18 medals available:

  • 100m: Bronze – 2; Silver – 2; Gold – 1
  • 200m: Bronze – 4; Silver – 4; Gold – 1
  • 800m: Bronze – 8; Silver – 8; Gold – 1
  • 1500m: Bronze – 12; Silver – 12; Gold – 1
  • 10,000m: Bronze – 18; Silver – 18; Gold – 1
  • Marathon: Bronze – 26; Silver – 26; Gold – 1

In all, there are 70 Bronze, 70 Silver and 6 Gold challenges.


Starting to play MATHELONA

Everyone begins by trying to win a 100m Bronze medal by completing two simple challenges.  There is no time limit to worry about when attempting to win your first medal. Simply fill the 12 gaps by using digits 0-9 a maximum of twice each.


You then have a decision to make – either stay at the same easier level by attempting the 200m Bronze where there are now four similar challenges, or you may prefer to take on the harder task of the 100m Silver with a time limit in operation.  This involves two trickier challenges to complete in 5 minutes where players must now fill 16 gaps with the digits 0-9, again a maximum of twice each.


When eventually arriving at a Gold medal challenge, each one requires the 20 gaps to be filled with all 20 digits (0-9 twice each), the ultimate MATHELONA test!

This system of play continues throughout the whole app, so those players with less confidence can just attempt Bronze medal challenges before trying any Silver medal ones if they wish.



Please click on this Davyhulme Primary School, Manchester link to see the reaction and views of the Year 5 teacher after his class took on some MATHELONA challenges. This article also appears on their own school blog.

2012 10 10 09.59.18 300x225 The Mathelona Games in Year 5

A selection of other reviews posted on iTunes can also be read by clicking this.


How to download MATHELONA

Simply download weeks and months of competitive number fun by clicking this iTunes link.

We hope you enjoy the MATHELONA app and win lots of medals. Let use know your progress by commenting below.



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