Please feel free to read a selection of the reaction received during the past few years. This majority of this page has feedback from a range of schools visited during the last five years when delivering my classroom-based maths workshops, but first we shall start by looking at the reaction from those schools who have taken advantage of a grant successfully applied for, and given by The Royal Institution of Great Britain (Ri).

STEM Directories Feedback

I regularly deliver STEM activities to schools funded by the Ri. Feedback from these workshops can be found clicking the following STEM Directories link which takes you to their informative feedback website.

School Feedback

O7customerfeedver the years, we have directly received numerous letters, phone calls and e-mails about the positive way our various mathematical programmes have influenced both children and teachers.

In any line of work, it is always reassuring to receive positive feedback from customers and it is no different in the world of education.  You know you are doing a reasonable job when a school invites you back for return visits, but it’s equally rewarding to receive comments such as the ones shown below:

Thank you again for your visit a couple of weeks back. I’ve received some really good feedback from the pupils and the staff involved. It was a great day.

David Wilson, Teacher of Mathematics: Arc School Ansley, Nuneaton

An excellent day was had by all our Year 7 pupils. The range of activities was motivational and engaging. Students and staff involved enjoyed the experience. Paul was an excellent host.

Diccon Haynes, Head of Maths: St Cuthbert Mayne School, Torquay

Hi Paul

Thank you for the two days this week, I have had very positive feedback from both pupils and teachers, so very well done!

Allia Nisar, Y6 teacher & Maths Co-ordinator: Kensington Primary School, London

Hi Paul

Just wanted to say a big Thank You for Monday. It was such a long way to come. The children clearly enjoyed the activities and it was great to see the children from the two schools mixing so well. A couple of parents stopped me to say how much the children had talked about it. Hope to see you again.

Angela Linford: Barnby Road Academy, Newark, Notts.

Just wanted to say a big thank you for today. It was good to see students excited and rise to the challenge. Excellent maths puzzles and good use of promoting group work.


Rizwan Ismail, Maths Dept: Cathedral Academy, Wakefield

Thank you for such a good day yesterday. The girls really enjoyed themselves and got a lot out of it. I shall be in touch with an order for games once I have established how much I can spend.

Pat Hall, Maths Dept: St Helen & St Katharine, Abingdon, Oxfordshire

Just a quick ‘Thank You’ for last Wednesday. All the pupils really enjoyed themselves, I’m sure they didn’t realise how much maths they were doing!! The whole week was a great success. Thanks once again, see you in the future.

Ann Hutchinson, Specialist Science Support: Danesfield CE School, Williton, Somerset

Thanks again for yesterday Paul – had some great feedback from the students.

Elizabeth Cavan, Maths Dept: Ilkley Grammar School, West Yorkshire

The children and staff thoroughly enjoyed the day and you gave us some good ideas for our games afternoon.

Susan Dick, Headteacher: Ysgol Bodfari, Denbighshire

You came to us in the Autumn Term and had a very successful Puzzle Day. Can you come back to work with parents alongside their children?

Jane Cooper: New Invention Infant School, Willenhall, West Midlands

Glad you enjoyed the day – as did we!! The teachers all said the kids really enjoyed the games. My own class had a great time!

Julie O’Prey: St Therese of Lisieux Primary School, Belfast

The children, parents and staff thoroughly enjoyed your visit – thank you so much.

Clare Werrett, Headteacher: Aberdare Town Church in Wales Primary School, Aberdare

The final piece of feedback in this section is a little different from the others in that it’s an e-mail from a twitter friend Clare (@dailydenouement) who informed me about a conversation she had with a parent from a primary school local to her:

Hi Paul

I heard about your great presentation to the teachers and children at Woolton Primary School. It sounds like it was a great success. But how do I know?

Well, I happened to be chatting to a parent of one of the Woolton PS pupils. He was waxing lyrical about some maths puzzles his daughter had brought home for homework. He told me they had really challenged her and what fun it had been to sit and work through the harder ones with her. I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone so animated about helping their child with homework.

I wonder who had inspired her maths teacher then . . . ?

Clare Sarson, Lead Practitioner, English Dept: St Julie’s Catholic High School, Liverpool

Please feel free to contact and speak any of the staff mentioned above, they will only be too glad to have a chat regarding my visit to their school. If you wish to book a maths/puzzle day, just get in touch with me by e-mailing

Feedback on the 7puzzle game

Finally, as well as publishing feedback from schools regarding my workshops, here is an e-mail I received about the 7puzzle game, probably my most popular creation to date:

Hello Paul

I am a friend of Jim Wilder’s (@wilderlab on twitter), and he showed me the 7puzzle game you created. It is awesome and I’d like to purchase the family set of two.

Thanks, Sue

Sue Seay PhD, Assistant Professor: University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), School of Education (Dept. of Curriculum & Instruction)

I posted this short e-mail because this initial correspondence led to some further interesting educational discussions with Sue in subsequent e-mails after she had invested in, and then used, the 7puzzle game on her teacher training course in Alabama.

If you are still a little apprehensive about using games in the classroom, I can reassure you that many academics are now seeing the benefits. Just have a read of one of Sue’s emails near the bottom of the 7puzzle page. It will inspire you!


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