Here is a brilliant, addictive online mental arithmetic game where you control the level of difficulty and time limit.

Take a 30- or 60-second test initially, then try the default time of 2 minutes to see how many questions you can get right.

Use a mixture of all four arithmetical operations (+ – × ÷), with numbers from 2 up to and including 100, but you can just choose to focus on one or more of these operations if you wish, and use smaller numbers too.

Start easy and build up the difficulty; see below for details.

Take the challenge

Have some fun while improving your mental arithmetic and see if you can beat your own personal best of correct answers.

  • Option 1.  For advanced players:

Can you achieve an amazing 52 correct answers in 2 minutes? My own personal best!

  • Option 2.  For younger players:

Change Addition to (2 to 100) + (2 to 10),

Change Multiplication to (2 to 20) × (2 to 12),

Change Time to 60 seconds.

Can you answer a fantastic 25 correct in 1 minute?

How to play

CLICK HERE and enjoy!