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My name is Paul Godding and I am a mathematics educator as well as being owner and co-director of the 7puzzle company, an innovative education company that has been involved in many facets of mathematics education for the whole of the 21st Century .

Not only do we deliver maths tutoring sessions to students at home and online, we organise maths events in schools using a range of board games, card games and puzzles, many of which have been developed in-house over the last decade; and sold to schools, homes and workplaces.

We also author our 7puzzleblog.com daily number puzzle page at this website. This is updated daily and followed by visitors from over 160 countries and territories worldwide.

Please read the rest of the page below to get a flavour of the various mathematical things we do.  If the contents of this page inspires you to book one of our school-based maths/puzzle days or perhaps purchase some of our excellent games & puzzles, click paul@7puzzle.com to get in touch.


What is happening in 2017?

As well as continuing to update our daily challenges for our thousands of followers worldwide, the 7puzzle company will be involved in many other activities during 2017.

Please read below to gather full information about the variety of mathematical things we do:

  • Supporting students with face-to-face and online maths tuition,
  • Delivering school-based maths/puzzle workshops,
  • Spreading the message during our school visits about the positive impact our PuzzleFriday scheme can have on children’s maths & social skills,
  • Designing new board games, card games & puzzles,
  • Developing a brand-new series of holiday pocket books containing our popular MATHELONA number challenges.

Full details of these are described below, but firstly please read about our brand-new initiative for 2017 – the Roll3Dice scheme:



Full details can be found by visiting our Roll3Dice page, but briefly it’s a very simple initiative aimed at getting parents more involved with their children’s mathematical education through a very simple resource, but it does require a lot of creative thinking by both the child and the adult in order to solve the puzzle!


Maths Tuition

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Since re-starting the maths tuition side of the business in recent years, Paul has successfully tutored many students in the coastal area of beautiful Monmouthshire.

Parents regularly get in touch to arrange tuition for their secondary school child with the long-term aim of passing GCSE Maths and enabling them to progress further in their education.

In addition, we also take on primary children whose parents want them to enjoy the subject before entering secondary education. In those cases, Paul combines his superb confidence-building techniques with school homework solutions.

He also uses some of the mental maths and strategy games described above which are perfect for home tuition. Other tutors have even purchased some of these in the past to utilise in their own sessions.

We also tutor adult learners who may want to improve their skills for the workplace or just generally wish to better their number skills.  Whatever your reason, full details of our expert tuition can be found by visiting the tutoring page of our website.

Get in touch by e-mailing at paul@7puzzle.com or alternatively ring Paul for an informal chat on 07970 868121.


Workshops & PuzzleFriday

bps-4Paul is an arithmetician who travels all over the UK to deliver his innovative maths/puzzle days in schools, to children of all ages.

For over 16 years, an excellent range of maths-related board games, card games and puzzles have been utilised in our workshops which totally engage and inspire those who participate.

bps-2All the activities involve working in the classroom, so there is little or no disruption to the normal school day.

Research has proved that playing games can dramatically improve maths results.  The children also benefit greatly from taking part in our workshops by constantly using their social skills, such as listening, sharing, following instructions and team-working. Click PuzzleFriday to organise your own scheme.

You can find a full description by clicking on this Workshops link.  Please consider booking the 7puzzle company for your school should you wish for an exciting, informative and worthwhile day for both children and teachers.

Simply get in touch by e-mailing us at paul@7puzzle.com.


Games & Puzzles

For the last eight years, Paul has also devised his own range of board games, card games and puzzles.  A brief look at our own designs are described below.  We strongly feel this traditional type of resource is still an invaluable way of learning a variety of skills.

Please feel free to click the relevant links to gain further information.

The mathematically possible series of games, contains our very first board game produced back in 2009.  Mathematically Possible has since been bought in large numbers and used in many schools.

In 2014 a new version was added, the junior possible game, and published specifically to cater for 4-7 year-olds, and 2015 saw our advanced version being released, Even More Possible. They are all great for mental maths and strategy and very popular with teachers!

Also a big favourite with teachers and students alike are our two original puzzle challenges – the 7puzzle game and its junior version, the 5puzzle game.  A description here would not do these games justice, so please click on the game links at this paragraph.

FlagMath logoIn 2015, we then released a brand-new series of maths card games called FlagMath.

The first four FlagMath games – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division – were released in 2015.  Not long after we also designed and published four brand-new games in the FlagMath junior range for little ones, covering number bonds up to 10, basic subtraction, the 2, 5 and 10 times tables and the rather innovative FlagSnap edition – a totally visual game to aid concentration.

These have all taken schools by storm and will be discussed on a regular basis throughout the coming weeks and months on our @7puzzle twitter page.  You are very welcome to join in twitter discussions on maths-related subjects as well as random general topics, although we try our best to steer clear of politics and religion!



Brand-new in 2016, we published Volume 1 of our pocket book of MATHELONA Holiday Challenges which are perfect to sharpen arithmetic skills, logic, concentration and maths resilience.  This book is also suitable for the number puzzle enthusiast and can be purchased by getting in touch.

Already used at home for family fun and during private tuition sessions, our Pocket Book of challenges is a great travel companion on long journeys in the car, bus, train or plane, and also popular on holidays, whether it be in the garden, down at the family caravan or on the beach or when relaxing by the pool.


Daily Number Puzzles

Finally, back to this website’s main feature, and we hope you will continue to try our daily 7puzzleblog.com number challenges in the near future, whether it be as a bit of fun for yourself and your family, or even used as part of maths tuition. If you also wish to use these questions in a quiz environment, please go ahead!

From our personal experience in education, this is a great way of improving the arithmetical skills of your students on a daily basis.

The number puzzles are carefully designed to both challenge and motivate the children, but mainly to enhance their confidence in the basic and creative use of number and as well as their problem-solving.

Our number puzzle page has recorded visits from over 160 countries and  territories, so please keep visiting – whether it be at home, in school, your workplace or elsewhere – to gain access to over 1,000 number puzzles that really will benefit you.

These are always positively received when demonstrated to teachers during school visits. Feedback from teachers, parents and students is always encouraged, so we look forward to hearing from you.

Since the beginning of 2016 answers have been provided, and a further improvement in 2017 sees two challenges posted per day; one being related to the 7puzzle game.

To return to our 7puzzleblog.com challenges, simply click on this link and enjoy!


Paul & Joanne Godding

are co-directors of the 7puzzle company

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Yours in education, Paul & Jo


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