MathelonaWelcome to MATHELONA and our unique series of number puzzles which are available in three different formats – pocket book, e-book and app.

Like many new ideas, our popular number puzzle started life on scraps of paper and nearly became a wooden board game many years ago, but it eventually progressed to become an app in 2011. It regularly appears as a fun public challenge posted on twitter and sometimes as one of our daily challenges at the number puzzle page.


The MATHELONA Pocket Book

MathelonaPBookCoverOur very latest publication is our MATHELONA pocket book of holiday challenges.

The first in our series, Vol.1, contains 28 different number puzzles and has primarily been designed for children to use at home, ideally with parental involvement, to improve their arithmetic skills.

Just like the challenges found in our e-books and app, they are perfect to sharpen logic skills, concentration and resilience.  They are, of course, also attractive as a good test for the puzzle enthusiast.  A typical MATHELONA challenge can be seen below.

The MATHELONA pocket book is a useful travel companion on long journeys in the car, bus, train and aeroplane.  The challenges are also great to try during holiday periods so children can keep on top of their mathematical thinking, whether it be in the caravan, at the holiday cottage, on the beach or by the pool.

It retails at just £3.99 and you can invest in a copy either by simply sending us an e-mail at or buy directly from Amazon by clicking the link.



MathelonaLogoDetails about the challenges in our slightly more tricky MATHELONA app can be found by clicking this link.

But it is highly recommended for players to begin their MATHELONA adventure either with the pocket book holiday challenges or by attempting our e-book challenges, described below, before progressing to the app for the iPhone and/or iPad.


The MATHELONA e-books

Mathelona BookOur venture into the world of e-books recently began with the publication of MATHELONA Volumes 1 & 2.

As with our pocket book series, the 25 Bronze medal challenges in Volume 1 and 30 challenges in Volume 2 of our e-book require players to utilise a group of 12 numbers to solve the puzzle. They are not allowed to deviate from these 12 numbers during a particular challenge.

A different combination of numbers appears in each challenge (to arrive at a variety of target numbers) and will always be in the range 0-9. The three target numbers to reach in each challenge will be in the range 0 to 18.


MATHELONA Challenges

As a taster for you, a typical MATHELONA challenge is re-produced here. Why not have a go at arriving at the target numbers 3, 4 and 5?

  • Insert 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 3 3 4 5 6 into the gaps below to make the three lines work out:

?   +   ?    =     3     =    ?   –   ?
?   +   ?    =     4     =    ?   ×   ?
?   +   ?    =     5     =    ?   ÷   ?

Answers to all questions are provided at the respective books and e-books. Have you solved this one yet?


Skills Required

mathelonabookThis type of arithmetical exercise is perfect for children (and adults) aged 7 years and above as it is essential they have a good basic knowledge of the four operations when progressing through primary school.

MATHELONA reinforces this in a fun and challenging way and you will undoubtedly see their skills improve the more challenges they try.  This traditional method of learning also enables confidence and creativity to flourish throughout their educational life.

Whether you wish to purchase our books and/or e-books with the aim of improving arithmetic and logic skills in school or simply for a bit of number fun at home, it has been widely recognised that attempting our MATHELONA challenges can enhance problem-solving, reasoning, concentration and mathematical resilience as well as encouraging independent learning.

I would also strongly advise maths tutors to use MATHELONA as part of their sessions, either as a fun confidence-building exercise or even as part of a diagnostic screening procedure. Tutors can learn much about their students when observing them tackling the various challenges.


How to Download our e-books

MathelonaVol2CoverAlthough originally designed for the Kindle, the MATHELONA series of e-books can be played on smartphones and tablets but you must firstly download the free Kindle app.

Click this Volume 1 link to arrive at the appropriate page, and similarly for Volume 2, to enable you to make an investment in these great educational resources. Alternatively, visit the Amazon website and type MATHELONA in the search bar.

Each volume costs just 99p in the UK and the equivalent of US$1.49 worldwide.


Future Editions

Volume 2 of our series of pocket books will be published at the end of 2016 and will contain 28 further challenges.

Volume 3 of the e-book series will be published in 2017 and is planned to contain harder Silver medal challenges, involving four lines of calculations and target numbers up to and including 24.

We hope you enjoy MATHELONA!


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