DAY 320

Today’s Challenge

In this particular number puzzle, three UNIQUE digits must be used to arrive at a specified target number, 42.  The formula is always the same – multiply two numbers together, then either add or subtract the third number to achieve your target.

  • (a×b)±c, where a, b and c are three unique digits from 1-9.

One way of making 42 is (9×4)+6; can you find the only other TWO ways to make 42?

[Note:  (9×4)+6 and (4×9)+6 counts as just ONE way.]


The 7puzzle Challenge

The playing board of the 7puzzle game is a 7-by-7 grid containing 49 different numbers, ranging from 2 up to 84.

The 5th & 6th columns of the playing board contain the following fourteen numbers:

7     8     11     14     18     25     30     36     40     44     49     54     64     84

What is the difference between the highest and lowest multiples of 4?



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