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Buy Phentermine Hcl

Buy Xanax Pills Online

The Main Challenge

Apart from 8+3+2+1, list the FOUR other ways of making 14 when adding together four unique digits from 1-9 in our latest Kakuro-type challenge.

Buy Generic Soma Online

The 7puzzle Challenge

The playing board of Buy Adipex In Mexico is a 7-by-7 grid containing 49 different numbers, ranging from 2 up to 84.

The 3rd & 4th columns contain the following fourteen numbers:

3   4   6   12   15   17   20   35   42   63   72   77   80   81

Which pair of numbers have a sum of 50?

Buy Generic Soma Online

The Factors Challenge

Which is the ONLY number below that is a factor of 319?

3    5    7    9    11    13    15    17    19

Buy Generic Soma Online

The Mathematically Possible Challenge

Using 47 and 11 once each, with + – × ÷ available, which are the only TWO numbers it is possible to make from the list below?

70    71    72    73    74    75    76    77    78    79


Buy Generic Soma Online

The Target Challenge

Can you arrive at 319 by inserting 2, 3, 4, 6 and 12 into the gaps below?

  •  ((◯+◯)×◯)²–(◯–◯)² = 319

Buy Xanax Pills Online

Answers can be found Buy Valium In Usa.

Buy Generic Soma Online

Click Generic Ambien 74 for details of online maths tuition.

Cheap Ambien Online Overnight Delivery

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