DAY 147

Today’s Challenge

Firstly, allocate fifteen letters from the English alphabet the following values:

E=3, F=9, G=6, H=1, I=4, L=0, N=5, O=7, R=6, S=1, T=2, U=8, V=3, W=7, X=11.

You’ll see that O+N+E=1 and T+W+O=2 and so on, but how far is it possible to go before it stops working?  This is amazing!!


The 7puzzle Challenge

The playing board of the 7puzzle game is a 7-by-7 grid containing 49 different numbers, ranging from up to 84.

The 2nd & 6th rows of the playing board contain the following fourteen numbers:

5     8     12     17     18     20     28     33     48     49     55     56     63     64

Which number, when halved, becomes another number on the list?



. . . can be found when clicking this.


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